National standart vodka


Vodka «National Standard» is a unique combination of natural ingredients and modern technologies, which are providing the highest quality of the product. Special recipe with a painstaking process of production several stages, tested since 1886, represent the basis of vodka «National Standard»

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Premium Composition

The composition includes organic malt alcohol (instead of cereal), crystal clear artesian water from the reserved foothills of the Altai, oat extract. Pine nuts are added to the alcohol to give it an unique taste. Proportions are carefully picked by sommelier experts. Vodka «National Standard» is not just a part of various events of your life, but it is an event itself!

Magic of Altai

The organic composition of vodka «National Standard» is collected in Altai, which is one of the most significant mountain systems of Central Asia and South Siberia. In the Altai Mountains, high-altitude zone is very pronounced: steppes, coniferous and mixed forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, mountain tundra, snow and glaciers. Altai is the land of mountains and dense forests, snow-white peaks and hills, bright meadows and turbulent rivers with rapids and waterfalls. Golden Mountains of Altai have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. The flora and fauna of the Altai has many representatives of rare and endangered species, 24 plant species are listed in the Red Book.


On September 13, 1867, the Altai merchant of the 2nd guild, G. T. Badin, was issued a certificate of permission to build a distillery, and state-owned land on the River Itkul was allocated. Why? There was enough wine production in Russia then, their bread wine (vodka) was already known in Europe.
Vodka of its production was delivered to the court of his imperial majesty and was used in high society circles with the same pleasure as French champagne.